Local Option Sales and Services Tax LOSST

How would LOSST impact the City of Clive?

On August 6th Clive voters who live in Polk County will decide if a 1% Local Option Sales and Services Tax (LOSST) should be added to the sales tax rate, increasing the total rate to 7%. If approved, the City of Clive would receive an estimated $1.7 million annually to use for property tax relief, public safety facilities, streets improvements, Clive Greenbelt improvements, and stormwater management. Scroll down for more information about these projects, how to vote, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Public Safety & Property Tax Relief

The City Council has identified a new public safety building as a top priority to keep Clive safe and support our first responders. If LOSST does not pass, the Clive property tax levy rate will need to increase by $0.65 per $1000 of valuation to cover the cost of the new facility.

Clive is a growing city with growing public safety needs. The current public safety building was designed to serve a population of 11,000. Clive’s population today is over 18,000 and is expected to grow to approximately 24,000. Also, based on the standards of coverage study the City completed in 2017, Clive Fire Station 32 needs to move west and closer to a major arterial road to maintain excellent response times and implement closest unit response agreements with neighboring cities. Land acquisition and construction costs for the facility are projected to be $15.25 million. The new facility will be located at 8800 Hickman Road, the former location of Slumberland Furniture. Click here for more information about property taxes in Clive. Click here for more information about the new Clive public safety facility.

Street Maintenance & Improvements

The City has prioritized building and maintaining high quality streets throughout Clive.

In 2018 the City completed a street pavement conditions study that identified dozens of streets that need rehabilitation and in some cases complete reconstruction. Based on that research, the Council has determined that annual spending needs to increase from $1.5 million to $3 million to meet these goals.  Click here for more information on Clive’s pavement rehabilitation work.

Greenbelt Improvements

In 2016, the City completed its Greenbelt Master Plan which identified millions of dollars in Clive Greenbelt maintenance and improvement needs over the next 20 years.

Three of the priority projects are enhancing Greenbelt Landing (the area north of the Clive Aquatic Center including the Special Events Building), replacing the Campbell Park trail bridge, and updating facilities at Porter Shelter. Together these three projects will cost over $13M.  For more information about these projects, click here.

Storm Water Management

Strong storm water management is essential to protecting property and lives, and creating a sustainable future for multiple Clive neighborhoods.

The City is actively managing the Walnut Creek floodway to protect public infrastructure, homes, and businesses. Annually, the City spends $450,000 on storm water operating activities and $500,000 on storm water capital projects. In the future, the demand for storm water capital improvement funding will be in excess of $1 million annually.  Click here for more information.


Voters in the Dallas County part of Clive approved LOSST in 2017, which means currently the sales tax rate in the western half of the city is 7% and in the eastern half it’s 6%. If voters approve LOSST in August, the sales tax rate will be the same throughout Clive.

Voters in Des Moines, West Des Moines, and Windsor Heights approved LOSST this spring. As of July 1st, Clive residents who shop in these cities have been paying the tax, but the revenue will only come back to Clive if voters approve LOSST. If voters do not approve LOSST, the revenue will go to the cities in Polk County that have passed it.

Approximately 48% of the sales taxes collected in Clive are paid by people visiting the City.